Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Essie Nail Polish in Bahama Mama

Hi guys! so sorry I haven't posted in bloody ages... I'm recovering at my folks place at the moment from surgery so typing kills me as I have Kienbocks disease in my left wrist...( if your interested whatthe hell that is then look here lol http://darkerblue.kienbock.com/ )and makes texting, typing etc etc HURT!! anyway Im moaning on... I recently have become nail polish crazy and am thrilled that Boots and larger superdrugs now sell Essie polishes!! Hurrah!...

Thought I`d do some posts on a few nail polishes I got recently, 

The 1st is Essie Bahama Mama! 

Its a gorgeous warm, rich, creamy deep plum colour and is utterly gorgeous.. 

I love the width of the Essie nails polish brushes, they seem to glide on so easily and have no foul odour.  I bought it in Boots for 7.99 and I adore it.. Admittedly its not a spring colour, more for winter and Christmas time..but I love my deep reds plums and purples so for me its a winner!...Short video below! x



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