Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring nail polishes Jade and Peach!

Hello my fellow nail polish fans..at least I hope some of you are..I must admit I'm not a massive lover of lighter pastel shades..hence why my collection is full of deep reds,dark purples, browns, and in general darker toned polishes..however I think I may have been converted when I recently took a chance and bought a couple of bright seasonal shades for spring.

With sooo many colours and brands to choose from so I went armed with peach and mint shades in mind so I wouldn't be standing in Boots/Superdrug for 2hours making my mind up! lol..this helped a lot as I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choices.

In the end I purchased from one me my favorite brands Barry M in one of their newer shades called "Peach Melba NP318"

The Barry M nail paints are fantastic anyway and I think I own at least 5 others so I wasn't surprised by the great pigmentation and ease of this colour. Its a matte salmony peachy coraly colour yes everything with a "y" at the end lol..as I cant decide on a distinct description. All I know is its lovely and for someone who doesn't usually feel comfortable wearing lighter shades this one doesn't freak me out!!..I needed to apply 2 coats to get a thick even coverage..and I'm really happy with the results. It is available alongside all other Barry M products from Superdrug for the ridiculously low price of 2.99!!!!

The other colour I got was indeed a minty green - L'oreal Color Riche nail polish in shade "602 Perlede Jade"

Its a lovely matte colour, very easy to apply, no shimmer or chalkyness. It comes in a tiny 5ml bottle which is actually kinda cute and I have to say it looks lovely on the nails. My picture makes it looks more greeny, I think it depends on the light as sometimes it can look turquoise, then green, then blue. Either way its a delicious colour choice and I love wearing it!...I paid 4.99 for it from Boots!
So ladies I'm sure there are a million other spring shades to chose from and I may be tempted very soon but in the meantime I'm enjoying my mint and peach hehe... Till next time xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Barry M Lip Gloss Wands

I love Barry M as a brand and we are so lucky to have them in both Boots and Superdrug here in the UK. Their stuff is high quality and affordable and so I thought I would splash out and buy 4 of their Lip Gloss Wands..they are priced at £4.49 each and come in 14 shimmering and sparkling shades each one deliciously infused with an irresistible scent that is true to its name!..

L-R 5 Bubblegum Pink, 12 Strawberry Milkshake, 11 Coral, 2 Toffee

 I cannot tell you how much I adore both the shades and scents.. each one literally smells of what it says on the tin, ( or tube in these cases lol )..Bubblegum Pink smells of original Hubba Bubba!! YES! I know. truly it does and if u liked it you will be addicted to this gloss..The Strawberry Milkshake Literally tastes of McDonald's strawberry milkshake and so on... they are lush lush lush.. not to sticky, not to sheer.. just perfect! Here are some swatches below:

Same order as above - without flash

With flash 

They really are fabulous and I fully recommend going out and buyig some, the packaging is lovely and solid not to heavy and certainly not cheap looking. A standard doe foot aplicator is your tool for application..They are great lip glosses!

DIY Galaxy Nails

After desperately trying to grow my nails out again I decided they had got to a point where actual polish wouldn't look ridiculous on them lol.. My left hand nails have grown a lot since I had my kienbocks disease surgery ironiclly.

Anyway, I digress.. I am aware of the latest craze being "Caviar Nails".. little balls stuck to your varnish, and well, can I be honest here and say that it just does NOT appeal to me at all. The thoughts of having little balls jumping off my nails all the time into my food, products etc isn't attractive to me.. But galaxies are! I love the blending of pinks, purples, blues and stars meshed together and when I discovered I could create this effect on my nails I was sold!!!!!!!!!! Here is the result!

Ive always been obsessed with Galaxy desktops and mobile backgrounds like below:

I have so many pics in windows picture galaxy and I wanted to recreate this on my nails!..

All you need are a few things, now granted I did my first try with random polishes I have in my collection and I may add a few different colours next time.. but this being my first time I used the following:

  1. Mua Shade 3 Black
  2. NYC 115 Ink Stain Dark Blue
  3. W7 Envy Blue/Green Shimmer
  4. NYC 246 Park Ave
  5. W7 Pink Rasberry
  6. Rimmel Disco Ball
  7. Claires Cosmetics unnamed Chunky Glitter
In theory you should only need 1 blue shimmer but I didn't have one :( I used a cheap round cosmetic sponge to dab the polish onto my fingers..

  1. Apply a coat of black nail polish to each finger and wait till dry
  2. Take a Blue/Greeny Shimmery polish and dip a bit on the corner of the sponge, and tap/dab in various places on the nail 
  3. Do the same with the grey/brown and then repeat with the pink
  4. Then apply a very glittery polish to nails which MAKES the look!
  5. Optional to add a chunky glitter with little round flecks to act as stars
The final result should look like this:

Friday, 6 April 2012

Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balms

Do you love lip balms like me?... I have used them for years, not just to help my chapped lips but I'm obsessed with the scent and taste...BUT.. I am picky.. so not all brands float my boat. Some are so sticky and sweet, others thin and watery with no scent..But I am thrilled to say I adore the new Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balms!.. I have all 3 flavours, in fact I'm on my 2nd pot of Juicy Peach as Peach flavoured anything rocks my world.

L-R Chocolate Cherry, Sweet Coconut & Juicy Peach

  They all have incredibly strong and delicious scents..the coconut literally takes of coconut and so on..They have a glossy shiny sheen to them, not to sticky, and slightly pigmented to leave a subtle tint to the lips. There are delicious I tell you! They are described by Soap & Glory as "a super fruit butter moisture balm that has been specially designed to protect and moisturise lips" and I thoroughly agree..

There are available to by here at Boots Buy here for £5 and worth every penny. I know I will keep repurchasing these as they are truly addictive.. Enjoy! x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

OMG cant wait for these new Sleek Palettes!

OK ladies now I'm trying to control myself and not have a new makeup product over excited orgasm about these new items!... hmmmmmmmmmmm boy oh boy oh boy...

Well... u know Sleek brought out the Blush by 3 palettes.. Well, I did like them sort of..but felt the colour choices were sooooooo bright or sooooooo dark!!

I have to admit when I saw them I was thinking how I could customize one of them so that I would have a contour colour, blush and maybe a highlight type shade but alas this would of been an impossible task as none of the shades are those tones and depotting them wouldn't of beena royal pain in the you know what..

So... you can imagine my delight when my friend told me that Sleek will soon be releasing the Contour, Blush, Highlight palettes called "Face Form"

Check these out!!!

          These will be available in four shades;
  • Fair- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
  • Light- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
  • Medium- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a bronzer
  • Dark- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a darker bronzer

Needless to say I cannot bloody wait for these to come out and I'm thrilled sleek have realized that a Nars dupe is much needed... the Nars Blush /Bronzer/Highlight trio was in an awful zipped packaging as you can see below and was sooooo expensive..

 So roll on Sleek and bring these bad boys out ASAP as I will glady pay 8.99 for them.. AMEN!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Earrings

Bought these lovely earrings for £25 on ebay..I think they are so lovely..x