Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring nail polishes Jade and Peach!

Hello my fellow nail polish fans..at least I hope some of you are..I must admit I'm not a massive lover of lighter pastel shades..hence why my collection is full of deep reds,dark purples, browns, and in general darker toned polishes..however I think I may have been converted when I recently took a chance and bought a couple of bright seasonal shades for spring.

With sooo many colours and brands to choose from so I went armed with peach and mint shades in mind so I wouldn't be standing in Boots/Superdrug for 2hours making my mind up! lol..this helped a lot as I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choices.

In the end I purchased from one me my favorite brands Barry M in one of their newer shades called "Peach Melba NP318"

The Barry M nail paints are fantastic anyway and I think I own at least 5 others so I wasn't surprised by the great pigmentation and ease of this colour. Its a matte salmony peachy coraly colour yes everything with a "y" at the end lol..as I cant decide on a distinct description. All I know is its lovely and for someone who doesn't usually feel comfortable wearing lighter shades this one doesn't freak me out!!..I needed to apply 2 coats to get a thick even coverage..and I'm really happy with the results. It is available alongside all other Barry M products from Superdrug for the ridiculously low price of 2.99!!!!

The other colour I got was indeed a minty green - L'oreal Color Riche nail polish in shade "602 Perlede Jade"

Its a lovely matte colour, very easy to apply, no shimmer or chalkyness. It comes in a tiny 5ml bottle which is actually kinda cute and I have to say it looks lovely on the nails. My picture makes it looks more greeny, I think it depends on the light as sometimes it can look turquoise, then green, then blue. Either way its a delicious colour choice and I love wearing it!...I paid 4.99 for it from Boots!
So ladies I'm sure there are a million other spring shades to chose from and I may be tempted very soon but in the meantime I'm enjoying my mint and peach hehe... Till next time xx


  1. the peach is realy nice i usualy go for brights as i find pastel colours need tones of coats to get the true colour but i might give the barry m one a go it looks realy good for 2 coats :)


  2. I Love Barry M Peach Melba such a great colour for Spring :) x

  3. hiya lovely i've given you the versatile blogger award go have a look :)


  4. I adore that blue, so pretty and fresh x

  5. Hey Ms Emma.

    I have given you a sunshine award!


    Aundrea xxx