Wednesday, 4 April 2012

OMG cant wait for these new Sleek Palettes!

OK ladies now I'm trying to control myself and not have a new makeup product over excited orgasm about these new items!... hmmmmmmmmmmm boy oh boy oh boy...

Well... u know Sleek brought out the Blush by 3 palettes.. Well, I did like them sort of..but felt the colour choices were sooooooo bright or sooooooo dark!!

I have to admit when I saw them I was thinking how I could customize one of them so that I would have a contour colour, blush and maybe a highlight type shade but alas this would of been an impossible task as none of the shades are those tones and depotting them wouldn't of beena royal pain in the you know what..

So... you can imagine my delight when my friend told me that Sleek will soon be releasing the Contour, Blush, Highlight palettes called "Face Form"

Check these out!!!

          These will be available in four shades;
  • Fair- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
  • Light- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
  • Medium- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a bronzer
  • Dark- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a darker bronzer

Needless to say I cannot bloody wait for these to come out and I'm thrilled sleek have realized that a Nars dupe is much needed... the Nars Blush /Bronzer/Highlight trio was in an awful zipped packaging as you can see below and was sooooo expensive..

 So roll on Sleek and bring these bad boys out ASAP as I will glady pay 8.99 for them.. AMEN!


  1. wow i want 1 now they look lovely and what a great price


  2. These will be amazing,I cnt wait xx

  3. ooh these look interestng, need to travel to buy these though as my locasl doesnt stock them :(

  4. I'd like a lot to see a swatches comparison!!! *__*