Saturday, 14 April 2012

DIY Galaxy Nails

After desperately trying to grow my nails out again I decided they had got to a point where actual polish wouldn't look ridiculous on them lol.. My left hand nails have grown a lot since I had my kienbocks disease surgery ironiclly.

Anyway, I digress.. I am aware of the latest craze being "Caviar Nails".. little balls stuck to your varnish, and well, can I be honest here and say that it just does NOT appeal to me at all. The thoughts of having little balls jumping off my nails all the time into my food, products etc isn't attractive to me.. But galaxies are! I love the blending of pinks, purples, blues and stars meshed together and when I discovered I could create this effect on my nails I was sold!!!!!!!!!! Here is the result!

Ive always been obsessed with Galaxy desktops and mobile backgrounds like below:

I have so many pics in windows picture galaxy and I wanted to recreate this on my nails!..

All you need are a few things, now granted I did my first try with random polishes I have in my collection and I may add a few different colours next time.. but this being my first time I used the following:

  1. Mua Shade 3 Black
  2. NYC 115 Ink Stain Dark Blue
  3. W7 Envy Blue/Green Shimmer
  4. NYC 246 Park Ave
  5. W7 Pink Rasberry
  6. Rimmel Disco Ball
  7. Claires Cosmetics unnamed Chunky Glitter
In theory you should only need 1 blue shimmer but I didn't have one :( I used a cheap round cosmetic sponge to dab the polish onto my fingers..

  1. Apply a coat of black nail polish to each finger and wait till dry
  2. Take a Blue/Greeny Shimmery polish and dip a bit on the corner of the sponge, and tap/dab in various places on the nail 
  3. Do the same with the grey/brown and then repeat with the pink
  4. Then apply a very glittery polish to nails which MAKES the look!
  5. Optional to add a chunky glitter with little round flecks to act as stars
The final result should look like this:


  1. it looks realy nice
    gonna have to try this out myself :)


  2. This is awesome but my gosh it must've taken forever?!!!
    Very impressive! Thanks for the tip!! I'm gonna post about it on my twitter now! xx

    1. seriously only took 20 mins hun! xx