Friday, 30 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters and Acrylic Lipstick Holder Woo Hoo!

So... I finally went to my local Boots and got my hands on 6 of the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters.. They come in 14 colours in the I chose the ones I thought would suit me..

Peach Parfait, Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake

They are much better in consistency than I anticipated and supprisingly pigmented..I adore the packaging which come in quilted style different coloured lids and clear names written on the bottom.  They really are very beautiful and have a very high end look about them. The formula is very creamy and luxurious to the touch. There is no apparent smell which I like actually as some lipsticks like maybelline are overpowering.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter can be worn with or without Lipliner. They claim to smooth, soften and instantly hydrated lips! RRP: £7.99 you can but them on Boots online by clicking on this link:

I also bought myself a couple of 12 slot lipstick holders from ebay. I got a real bargain as got them for £3 each! and Ive seen them advertised for over £12 each so am really chuffed with my purchases. They are clear acrylic and very sturdy!.. Awesome!

Strawberry Shortcake: Pink with blue undertones

Lollipop: Rich dark pink bit rasberry`ish

Cupcake: Light cool toned pink shimmer

Creme Brulee: toffee sheer neutral with shimmer

Cotton Candy: Pink with gold shimmer

Peach Parfait: Peachy coral gold shimmer

Swatches without flash

Swatches with Flash
I wont be storing these near a sunny window however, as the butter like texture does have a tendency to melt. You do have to apply quite heavily and they don't last for a long time, But they are a combination of a gloss, balm and lipstick so this is understandable. I do like them.. Strawberry shortcake and Creme Brulee are my favourites!!.. And YES I did bloody well knock "Lollipop" on the corner of the lip hence the dent.. boohoo!

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